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Arial view cars on roadway

GPS Tracking

Strike Investigations utilizes the latest in GPS Tracking technology to achieve real-time monitoring of vehicles and equipment around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


Our trackers communicate their satellite positioning by cellular data and can reliably pinpoint their exact current location often within a few yards. Combined with real-time monitoring and features like movement alerts, geofencing notifications and satellite imaging, we can be notified immediately and respond appropriately if the vehicle or equipment enters a suspect area. 


Our GPS monitoring rates are competitive and affordable making them a cost effective means to monitor the whereabouts of your subject and reduce unneeded surveillance cost. 

Contact Strike Investigations Private Investigators in Greenville SC, for a confidential consultation. 

Call us at (864) 735-7671 or complete the Contact Us form for a free consultation.

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