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Attorney Services

When so much can hang in the balance of a court decision, you shouldn’t take chances or trust anything to fate.


Gathering the proper amount of information and establishing and documenting the facts surrounding a case can be a difficult and time-consuming process that can make or break a case, so it is in your best interest to maximize your chances of success and hire an investigator that can help. We work directly with counsel and under their direction, so clients are ensured the best possible legal representation.


Areas where litigation support would be helpful:

  • Civil Litigation: No longer rely upon discovery or subpoenas as your only source of gathering information and evidence. We can help you locate and interview witnesses, discover hidden assets, conduct surveillance, implement GPS tracking and locate supporting information.

  • Locating Witnesses and Defendants: In our fast paced and mobile society many attorneys find that locating witnesses and defendants has become a frustrating and difficult task. Strike Investigations has developed a reputation for going above and beyond just database results to locate difficult to find individuals.​​


  • Family law: Divorce cases are often contentious, and the parties involved may act without thinking. Lying, hiding assets, or even a person’s disappearance are common. A private investigator can help turn up evidence of financial misconduct, hiding of marital assets, infidelity, or child endangerment. Discovery in a family law case takes on new meaning with the assistance of a private investigator.


  • Criminal defense: An area of the law that is often an uphill climb. Defense attorneys can benefit tremendously from the research that a private investigator can do into the background of their client, client’s friends, and family, as well as all potential witnesses involved in the case. With criminal defense investigations there is most often more going on behind the scenes than the person on trial may be willing to disclose. It is in the best interest of the attorney to retain a private investigator experienced in ligation support investigator to do the leg work necessary and get the details their client may be reluctant or scared to disclose.


  • Liability defense: Property damage, personal injury, auto accidents, employment-related injury, and transportation liability can often become a pointing the finger situation, a private investigator can uncover the truth behind the accusations of those involved and possible track down witnesses that may have otherwise seemed MIA.

  • Tort actions: Whether intentional or unintentional a tort is when one party causes the other to suffer unfairly. Whether or not a tort falls under the category of negligence depends on proving or disproving the complaint. Direct negligence must often be proven, a private investigator experienced in tort actions can investigate the facts of the case and help determine if the acts are due to negligence.


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