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Activity Checks

If you suspect a friend, family member, coworker or employee of being dishonest about their activities or whereabouts, an activity check is the place to start as a quick and effective solution to either put your mind at ease or spur you into further action. Activity checks help establish what activities are normal routine for a particular individual and help determine if additional surveillance is warranted.


During an activity check, Strike Investigations will perform discrete investigative tasks such as short term surveillance, drive-bys, subject tag checks, verify mail delivery, interview neighbors, delivery persons, etc. to learn of a subjects comings and goings, who they are meeting with and what they are doing. 

If you are suspecting a spouse of cheating and being unfaithful, an employee or coworker of behaving irresponsibly or wish to verify or see who your children are meeting with, contact Strike Investigations Private Investigators in Greenville SC, for a confidential consultation.  

Call us at (864) 735-7671 or complete the Contact Us form for a free consultation.

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