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Locating People

Finding people is a specialization. Strike Investigations can help locate people. Find missing people, missing heirs, family, friends and debtors. 

We locate people for law firms, businesses, legal and personal reasons. 


Legal or legitimate reason means that the business or individual has a legal or legitimate matter to locate the individual.  We will provide contact information to businesses or individuals who are involved in some form of legal matter with the subject. The client will be required to provide verifiable proof of this legal or legitimate reason.

Examples of legal and legitimate reasons: You are trying to sell a house that still has the name of your partner on the title; you are suing someone who owes you money or property; you need to locate a witness or defendant for litigation.

Personal reason means that an individual has or had a personal or professional relationship or other relationship connection with the individual.  We will attempt to contact the person and ask them whether they wish to have contact with you.  We will not provide their contact information but we are willing to telephone the individual or forward a letter.

Call us at (864) 735-7671 or complete the Contact Us form for a free consultation.

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