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Submitted by: David Almeida
Are you involved in a court case? Maybe you're the victim of an accident and are fighting with another driver or their insurance company. Or maybe you've been sued because of an accident in which you really were not at fault. Perhaps you're a lawyer who is representing someone in a lawsuit but all of the details aren't quite adding up. 
In any case, you may find that you need help with a civil litigation investigation. 
A civil litigation investigation will enable you to find all of the details that you need. You'll be able to further examine and
explore witness statements, crime scene photos and police reports when you have a private investigator help with your
As the case goes on, a civil litigation investigation conducted by a private investigation will also make it possible for you to gather background information on the other party. A background check can determine whether the person has a criminal record, a history of litigation or if they are collecting payments from a previous lawsuit. Additional witnesses who may not have previously come forward may be found and can offer details that have not previously been known. 
During a civil litigation investigation, a private detective can serve additional purposes as well. He or she – in some cases – can serve court summons, ensure that witnesses are available when they are to take the stand, or even participate in accident reconstruction if it is called for. 
In other words, a private investigator can work with a legal team during a civil litigation investigation in order to
research the finer details of the case: 
A private investigator can help by taking witness depositions that can be compared with previously made statements relating to the case; 
A private investigator can provide background checks relating to a civil litigation investigation so that you'll know as much as possible about those who are involved in the case; 
A private investigator can work with a team to recreate the scene of an accident; 
A private investigator can provide surveillance services during the course of a civil litigation investigation so that defense attorneys can determine whether or not someone who is suing their client is not staying within their stated limitations. 
When you are focused on a court case, the last thing that you want is the distraction of trying to track down witnesses.
Similarly, when you need to conduct surveillance or recreate the scene of an accident, it's best to leave that work to someone who is equipped to handle it – a private investigator. 
When you hire a private investigator to work with you on a civil litigation investigation, you can be sure that the work is being done correctly. You'll be able to know that the witness accounts are accurate and that, when you enter the courtroom, you'll be ready to present your best case without surprises. Better yet, you'll be able to know without question that you are providing the best consultation possible to your clients – consultation that comes from knowing all the facts.
About the Author: David Almeida is a licensed private investigator with a degree in criminal justice. He is affiliated
with the National Association of Investigative Specialists and the Licensed Private Detective’s Association of Massachusetts.

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