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Private Investigation and Background Checks Cost, Rates and Fees


Investigation cost depend on the rate, amount of hours worked and expenses related to your case.

Strike Investigations practices transparency in our pricing and billing.  Basic hourly rates are $125 to $175 per investigator plus expenses.  We provide time and expense estimates in writing so that their are no surprises.

Basic Private Investigation Rates 

Call for a detailed estimate.

$150 per hour  - 4 hours minimum, including travel to and from the case and reporting, plus mileage and other expenses*. 2nd investigator @ $75 per hour.

*Challenging and complex surveillance investigations can often take 2 or more days.

General Investigation
$125 per hour - 2 hours minimum charge, including to and from the case and reporting if applicable, plus mileage and other expenses. 

Background Checks
$240 Custom Background Check - 3-hour minimum charge at $80 per hour. Any additional hours at $80 per hour plus expenses*.

​$160 National Criminal History Check - 2-hour minimum charge at $80 per hr., (based on verified 3-states criminal check and all-state general database). Additional hours at $80 per hr. plus expenses*.

$80 South Carolina Criminal History Check - 1-hour minimum charge. Any additional hours at $80  per hr. and other expenses.

Locate People
$160 flat fee with legitimate purpose  (First 2 hours at $80 per hr. )
$200 flat fee with permission  (First 2.5  hours at $80 per hr.). Any additional hours at $80 per hr. plus expenses*.

Note: Our People Search page has explanations about legitimate purposes and permission purposes.

Other Expenses
Mileage  $ .60 per mile. Call for reduced mileage cost and travel rates and expenses.
Data, court and other records, case expenses vary

* additional investigation hours and expenses must be authorized and an additional retainer is required.


Frequent Request Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Will you maintain confidentiality?
Yes. We will only discuss your case with you or individuals that you appoint on your behalf, such as your attorney or family members. We will not discuss your case with anyone else unless you give us permission to do so, or the law requires otherwise.

Do you have offer free consultations?
Yes.  We offer free phone consultations. Free in-person consultations in Greenville depends on the case. You must have a phone consultation first.  Appointments are required.

​How much retainer do you need?
We provide time and expense estimates in writing. The appropriate retainer for services is required in advance.  If the investigation is continuing, additional hours and expenses must be authorized and any additional retainer is required.

How do I pay you and do you accept credit cards?
We offer payment by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Payment can be made through the payment link on our website. We also accept personal and bank checks.

What am I charged for?
The cost of a private investigation includes time, investigation and verbal and/or written reporting time, plus expenses. Some investigative products are billed under a flat rate. 

What if I don't need a written contract?
All investigation work must to be authorized in writing before we will start a case, South Carolina requires clients to sign either a written contract or written waiver of contract. .

Can I opt out of a formal written report?
Yes. Clients can opt out of a formal written report, however we maintain detailed notes in those cases, and report by telephone and/or email. Some clients want a simple report, and some want detailed reports for legal purposes.  

​Do you guarantee results?
No. No private investigator can guarantee results. Investigative work can have many unknown variables, information provided by the client or third parties may be outdated or inaccurate. We do guarantee that we will work our hardest to obtain your desired result using advanced methods and best practices.

Do you carry professional liability insurance?

Yes. We carry $1,000,000/$5,000,000 in liability and errors and omissions insurance, but have never needed to defend ourselves legally. We also carry subcontractor liability coverage. 

South Carolina private investigator laws only require a $10,000 surety bond for private investigators. It is a RED FLAG if a private investigator does not have liability and errors and omissions insurance.  

Do you use subcontractors?
We use our own expert licensed private investigators. In rare instances, we will reach out to our network of private investigators for assistance. These investigators are licensed and insured. 

How do I know if what I want you to do is legal?
If it is not legal we won't do it. It is our job to know what is legal or not in private sector investigation. We defer to appropriate legal experts in "gray" areas.

Call us at 864-735-7671 or complete the Contact Us form for a free consultation.

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