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Adultery & Infidelity

Strike Investigations understands the pain you endure when you suspect that your spouse or partner may be cheating and unfaithful. Before you confront your partner or make any drastic decisions, you need to be sure of the facts. Strike Investigations can help you uncover the truth and find concrete answers so that you can take the appropriate action.

If you suspect infidelity, it is likely that you have observed some changes or warning signs that led you to this suspicion. Some possible signs of an unfaithful spouse include:

  • Spouse has begun acting distant and impersonal or may be more private or defensive about their schedule and appointments.

  • Password changes to email, cell phones, social media, credit card accounts, etc.

  • Late hours “at work” or other changes to an established schedule.

  • Changes in appearance. New grooming or exercise habits, hairstyles, colognes or perfumes, buying a different style of clothing or sexy lingerie.  

  • Finding a new or secret cell phone, cell phone records that show suspicious activity or a change in habits such as guarding text messages or using the phone in locations where you cannot overhear the conversation.

  • Credit card statements reflect transactions for gifts you’ve never received or transactions at unfamiliar locations.

Gut instinct. If you sense that something is not right, your suspicions may be justified. Statistics show that wives who suspect their husbands of cheating are correct 85% of the time. Husbands who suspect their wives of cheating have been shown to be correct 50% of the time. If your gut is telling you something it may be time to listen to it and hire a private investigator.

Proving your case in court requires evidence that is admissible and convincing. Domestic surveillance and infidelity investigations should only be undertaken by licensed professional private investigators and not by yourself, friends, family or amateur detectives. Evidence collected by a licensed investigator will be admissible, whereas evidence collected by someone playing detective often is not.

Contact Strike Investigations Private Investigators in Greenville SC, for a confidential consultation. Your privacy will always be protected.

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