Digital Forensics Services

Digital Forensics refers to the thorough examination of electronic devices to extract data that is often thought to be erased or destroyed. The trail of information that cell phones, tablets, & computers contain and leave behind can be invaluable to your case. Strike Investigations partners with Government Approved GSA Licensed Forensic Specialists who are extensively trained in data recovery and digital investigations.  


Find the evidence you need. Recover deleted text messages, website/browsing history, emails, social media communications, GPS locations, deleted and deliberately hidden activity, and more. 


Individuals, small businesses and large corporations are ever increasingly open to online attacks, harassment, stalking and extortion. Follow the digital footprints to track down and expose the perpetrators.


Do you suspect that your phone or computer is being monitored or bugged? Modern programs can track your calls, turn on cameras, plant evidence and copy your personal information. Locate and remove the spyware and collect the evidence you need for court.


Sextortion and Cyber Blackmail is growing at an alarming rate. Online relationships where personal pictures and videos are shared can quickly lead to blackmail, destroying lives and reputations. Find and expose the blackmailers.


Unlock a deceased relatives online accounts, recover stored data and precious photos. Clues gathered from devices can show events and communications that occured prior to death.



Cameras are everywhere collecting unbiased evidence. But they don't often tell a clear story. A/V Forensics can clarify and enhance the details of photos, video and audio, Identify recorded voices and determine if videos and photos have been altered. 

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